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Saturday, 30 April 2011 04:46

Kota Kemuning,: What did the children do during NO TV WEEK when they were not watching television?
Most had gone to the playground. Others had spent more time chatting or playing games with their brothers or sisters or even their parents. Some had spent more time reading or done some coloring or drawing or even helped to wash their family dog. Yet others had helped their moms fold clothes, cook or even wash up.

These were some of the reports from the 5 and 6 year old from the Kota Kemuning Kinderland Kindergarten.  On the 21 April 2011, each 5 and 6 year old at Kinderlands, was told not to watch television during the whole week that is until the 27 April, and to record in a report card, what they did instead of watching television.  On the 27 April, the last day of the Campaign, they presented their reports.
NO TV WEEK was celebrated on the 21 to 27 April 2011 nationwide. On the 27 April morning, the children at the Kindergarten, were given a blank art paper and asked to draw what they would like to do, if they did not watch television.  Some of the images depicted spending time in the playground, spending time with the family, a visit to the zoo or even a visit to the beach.  

After the drawing, the children shared what they had recorded in their report cards. It was clear that they had taken their mission very seriously.  During the Campaign Week, most had not watched television and had done some other activity, which they had faithfully recorded in their report cards.  What was also interesting, some had not only not watched television, they had in fact stopped their parents and others from watch the box.
After the presentation by the children, what did the parents had to say? Surprisingly, none of the parents expressed that their children had resisted not having the television box on.  Initially, it was a bit awkward though, for if they did not watch television, what were they to do. But gradually, some on their own, others with the help of their parents, began to be involved in other activities.

The parents expressed that they were extremely happy with the Campaign, as they saw their kids doing something more active and positive instead of watching television. One parent even suggested that NO TV WEEK should not be once a year but every month.  Another shared that her son always had his dinner in front of the television set.  Her previous efforts to put an end to this habit had failed.  Yet, during the Campaign week, the child on his own had switched off the television during dinner. Yet another parent expressed that the child easily gave up watching television and spent that time with her younger sibling.

At least one child took the Campaign too far.  During the visit to the grandparents house, she insisted that the television be switched off during the week, much to the annoyance of the grandparents. In another home, the parents had asked the daughter to go out and play in the garden while they continued to watch television.  She then came into the home and demanded that television be switched off. When they told her, that she was not watching as she was playing in the garden, she replied that she could still hear the sound, and that was not right.

Truly the children at Kota Kemuning Kinderlands had taken the Campaign seriously.  Maybe it is time adults also should.
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