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Got Toys? Fisher-Price Just Recalled 10 Million; Check if Yours Are Safe PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 October 2010 05:04


By Bonnie Rochman Thursday, September 30, 2010
The timing couldn't be worse. Just as parents, grandparents — and, most of all, manufacturers — are gearing up for the annual holiday toy-buying extravaganza, Fisher-Price has recalled more than 10 million tricycles, toys and high chairs because of concerns over safety.

The bulk of the recall involves 7 million toddler tricycles, some sporting Barbie and Dora the Explorer. Several of the product lines involved actual injuries, including 14 models of a tricycle with a protruding pretend ignition key that can cause genital bleeding if a child falls on it. Ten injuries have been reported. Seven models of infant activity centers have valves that have detached; there have been three reports of children choking. The recall also includes nearly 950,000 high chairs with pegs on the back legs that have injured seven children. (More on Similac Recall Outrages Parents: Are Beetles Bad?)

Most of the products were sold in the U.S., but about 400,000 items are being recalled in Canada.

On its website, Fisher-Price reached out directly to consumers with a letter from general manager Kevin Curran beginning, “Dear Fisher-Price Parents & Grandparents.”

“Many of us here at Fisher-Price are parents, too — myself included — and we share your belief that nothing is more important than the well-being of our children,” says Curran. “I can reassure you that our business operates in a highly regulated environment, which means that toys are overwhelmingly safe.”

It's been increasingly difficult to believe that. It was only a few years ago that toymakers announced massive recalls of products made in China because they didn't meet lead standards. Every day, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission comes out with another press release detailing yet another product recall. (On Wednesday, the CPSC warned parents of babies to immediately stop using sleep positioners as they're linked to a dozen deaths.) It's a wonder children are making it to adulthood.

CPSC commended Fisher-Price for the way it's handling the current recall, but it simultaneously issued a general reprimand to the manufacturing world at large: “Fisher-Price did the right thing in agreeing to provide consumers with free remedies for these products. But all companies must do better. They must give more attention to building safety into their products. They must work to ensure that they are adhering to safety standards. Meanwhile, as moms, dads and caregivers, you, too, have a role. We thank the dozens of you who reported these incidents.”

I've always wondered how the CPSC finds out about product-related injuries in the first place. Now I know it's because parents — or any disgruntled customers — contact them directly. (More on Egg Investigation Heads to Maine)

See below for a list of the Fisher-Price recalled products:


72633 Hot Wheels Trike

72639 Barbie™ Butterfly Trike

72642 Lil' Kawasaki® Trike

72643 Tough Trike

72644 Tough Trike

72792 Kawasaki Trike

B8775 Kawasaki® Ninja® Tough Trike

B8776 Barbie™ Tough Trike

K6672 Nick Jr./Dora the Explorer Tough Trike

K6673 Go, Diego, Go! Tough Trike

M5727 Barbie™ Tough Trike Princess Ride-On

N6021 Kawasaki Tough Trike

T6209 Thomas & Friends™ Tough Trike

V4270 Go, Diego, Go!™ Kid-Tough™ Trike


T4261 Little People® Wheelies™ Stand 'n Play™ Rampway

V6378 Little People® Wheelies™ Stand 'n Play™ Rampway Gift Set

Infant toys with inflatable balls

73408 Baby Playzone™ Crawl & Cruise Playground™

B2408 Baby Playzone™ Crawl & Slide Arcade™

C3068 Ocean Wonders™ Kick & Crawl™ Aquarium

H5704 Baby Gymtastics™ Play Wall

H8094 Ocean Wonders™ Kick & Crawl™ Aquarium

J0327 1-2-3 Tetherball

K0476 Bat & Score Goal™

High Chairs

79638 Healthy Care™ High Chair

79639 Healthy Care™ High Chair

79640 Healthy Care™ High Chair

79641 Healthy Care™ High Chair

B0326 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair

B2105 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair

B2875 Healthy Care™ High Chair

C4630 Healthy Care™ High Chair

C4632 Link-a-doos™ Deluxe Plus Healthy Care™ High Chair

C5936 Healthy Care™ High Chair

G4406 Healthy Care™ High Chair

G8659 Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair™

H0796 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair

H1152 Healthy Care™ High Chair

H4864 Aquarium Healthy Care™ High Chair

H7241 Healthy Care™ High Chair

H8906 Close to Me™ High Chair

H9178 Easy Clean™ High Chair

J4011 Easy Clean™ High Chair

J6292 Easy Clean™ High Chair

J8229 Easy Clean™ High Chair

K2927 Rainforest™ Healthy Care™ High Chair

L1912 Healthy Care™ High Chair


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