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Poisons in Our Food? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 February 2009 09:15

By Joseph McCaffrey, MD, FACS

Society has a love-hate relationship with plastic. We sure use a lot of it, but even before an actor whispered "Plastics..." as a word of advice in the movie The Graduate, plastic often meant shoddy, imitation, and uncool.

Ardent environmentalists tend to hate plastic. You know the issues there.

Now there are other concerns about plastics -- namely, that they are poisoning our food supply. These concerns stem from the fact that unsavory chemicals in some plastics can leach into food. Canada highlighted the issue by proposing a ban of plastics containing bisphenol-A, a compound with significant toxicity.

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FIGHTING AEDES: We must change the way we think PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 February 2009 11:10




Residents must create a clean, healthy, safe and peaceful environment for themselves and their neighbours.

WHEN you come to think of it, it is a dismal state of affairs that after 51 years of independence, Malaysians are far from civic-minded.

I agree with Perak health director Datuk Dr Ahmad Razin Ahmad Mahir that keeping our community safe, clean and healthy is a "shared responsibility" (NST, Feb 16).

The authorities that oversee our community have roles to play and it is incumbent upon them to take their jobs seriously.

If they are guilty of negligence or complacency, they must be admonished.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 February 2009 11:17
Marlboro top choice of regular teen smokers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 09:42

Friday February 13, 2009


Picture source:

CHICAGO (AP) - Marlboro, the cigarette favored by adults, is also the runaway favorite of U.S. teens who regularly smoke, according to a new federal report released Thursday.
The results led anti-smoking advocates to complain that the same advertising that's supposed to target adults is also influencing teens, even though smoking rates for that age group have dropped in recent years.
"Cigarettes are still the most heavily advertised drug in America," said Dr. Victor Strasburger, a professor of pediatrics at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.
"It's sad."

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 February 2009 09:55
Malaysia Counting Down to Earth Hour PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 14:46

Corporate Malaysia, Iconic landmarks and Celebrities join hands to fight against Climate Change




Kuala Lumpur – Imagine a major part of Kuala Lumpur turning its lights out almost simultaneously for one hour. A city in darkness would definitely get the town talking on what all the fuss is about. On  28 March, Malaysia will be taking part in a global movement to stand united with 1000 cities and its peoples for Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights for one hour. Earth Hour, which will take place on 28 March 2009, 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time), is aimed at promoting awareness to fight against climate change.

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Get food labels PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 February 2009 14:19

Saturday February 14,2009

Since 2005, Malaysia has made it compulsory for food companies to label their packaged products with nutrient content. Manufacturers must state the amount of energy, carbohydrate, protein and fat in each 100gm of the product or per serving.

Nutrient information for vitamins, minerals, sodium and cholesterol is optional. (Check the Nutrition Month Malaysia 2008 Guide at

Here’s a brief on what to look for when we scour through the mind-boggling variety of food products in the market. It’s unrealistic to carry a guidebook on additives when we shop but paying attention to the labels is a good start! 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 11:56
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